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Train a secure AI on your technical resources that answers customer and employee questions so your team doesn't have to

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From small startups to Fortune 500

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Deploy a knowledgable technical AI anywhere

Use Mendable for

Docs & Knowledge Base

Decrease tickets & activation times with an AI assistant

Customer Success Enablement

Use a technical AI copilot to increase retention

Sales Enablement

Use a technical AI copilot to build trust with prospects

Product Copilot

Speed up adoption with a technical assistant in your app

From SSO to BYOK

Enterprise-grade security

SOC 2 Type II

Mendable is SOC 2 Type II certified. Check out our AI Trust Center for additional information.


Supports SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0 for single sign-on (SSO) and identity federation.

RBAC (Project and chunk level)

Role-based access control to ensure that only the right people have access to the right data.

Secure Data Connectors

Integrate securely to Google Drive, Salesforce, Zendesk and more using OAuth 2.0.


Bring your own key or custom model to Mendable to ensure compliance.

Rate Limiting

Project and user rate limit protection to prevent abuse and ensure availability.

Over 20+ data connectors

Start by connecting your data

Mendable offers managed ingestion through a simple online GUI and through our API. You can easily add, modify, or delete different types of sources.

Easily Teach Your Model

Customize your model

Customize base model properties

GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-4 are supported with a variety of base models coming soon

Training through answer correction

Correct the answers generated by the model and it will instantly learn from your feedback

Custom prompt edits

Edit the prompt to prevent hallucinations, maintain voice and format requirements

Keep your data always updated

Mendable reingestion process offers CRON jobs and webhooks to keep your data synced and always up to date

Support Link

Have customers redirected to your customer support link when the bot can't answer their questions

Privacy-first features

Mendable provides custom private, open source LLMs depending on your needs

Teach Model

Continuous Training

Coach the model by correcting the wrong responses, keeping your chat applications always up to date

More than just a chatbot

Tools and Actions

Give your AI access to tools for augmentation and actions for automation. Integrate with any API

React, Vanilla JS, API

Choose your component

Mendable provides a variety of components ranging from search bars, to chat bubbles, to full CLIs built on our API. Customize them or easily build your own

Mendable component
From zero to production in minutes

Deploy anywhere

Deploy Mendable internally, externally, or both. Our API allows you to send and query data from anywhere.

Saif Khan
Mendables integration on Nylas is a goldmine of data. Now, the product team has a direct source of user feedback, questions, and problems. It's amazing!
AI Chat Infrastructure built for production

Enterprise ready out of the box

Verified Sources

Reduce hallucinations by grounding answers with sources from your documentation

Enterprise Grade Security

Our platform is built for enterprises in mind. We provide RBAC, bring your own model, and SLAs

Ready for the whole team

Mendable supports single-sign-on so your entire team can train, manage your custom AI

Explore your dashboard

Get insights from usage


Number of chat messages per month

Understand all interactions

Unravel your users' queries, track their interactions, customize responses, and monitor your product usage effortlessly.

  • Gain key insights into user queries
  • Monitor real-time product-user interactions
  • Fine-tune your model for optimized responses
  • Track and evaluate Mendable usage

Insights beyond conversations

Learn what your users are asking, how they are asking, and their satisfaction level with the answers. Teach the model based on the answers rating and improve the model's performance.

Our wall of love

Don't take our word for it

Empower your users with AI powered search

Build an AI technical assistant in minutes

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask,reach out to us.

    • Is it free?

      We have a free plan that gives you 500 message credits. It is also free for certain Open source projects. Contact us to see if your project is eligible.

    • Do you train your AI model with my code?

      Currently, Mendable does not look at any of your repository's code. However, in the future we may add it. We will always give you the option to opt out of sharing your data.

    • How do I remove the Powered by Mendable?

      To remove the Powered by Mendable, you need to upgrade to an enterprise or custom plan. Contact us at garrett@mendable.ai and we can help you out.

    • How do I get an anon key?

      To get your anon key you need to sign up at mendable.ai and create a project. Then you can find your anon key in the API Keys section of the dashboard. Anon keys are used for client-side while API keys are used for server-side.

    • Is there a free plan?

      Mendable offers a free plan with 300 message credits. It is also free for certain Open source projects. Contact us to see if your project is eligible.

    • Is GPT-4 pricing different?

      Yes, right now GPT-4 will cost 3 requests per message instead of 1 (gpt-3.5-turbo). That means that instead of 500 messages, you will get around 166 messages if you only use GPT-4.

    • Can you correct the AI response?

      Yes, Mendable offers a 'teach the model' functionality where you can correct the AI response and it will learn from it.

    • How can I integrate Mendable with my application?

      Probably! Check out the Mendable documentation here https://docs.mendable.ai to better understand how you can start integrating.

    • Is it 100% accurate?

      Like Humans, AI will never be 100% accurate. So we can't assure you that every solution will be correct.

    • How do I cancel my subscription?

      Simply log into our platform, go to your account and click on "Open customer portal" button. There you will be able to cancel/modify it through Stripe.

    • How does Mendable work?

      Our application syncs with your documentation and support channels, then uses your docs and previously answered questions to suggest possible answers.

    • Are you open-source?

      Currently not - although we have some open source components and integrations. If you have input here, please message us at.hello@mendable.ai.

    • How does Mendable price custom plans?

      1. Use case

      • Mendable differentiates between internal and external use cases.
      • With Mendable, we give you the ability to use our chat bots for a variety of use cases, both for internal efficiency and external communication to your customers.

      2. Total usage

      • For specifically external use cases, you will only pay for the value you're receiving.
      • Mendable will look at the total number of messages sent during a month.

      3. Custom work

      • If there are any special feature requests (custom data connectors, etc.), we are happy to discuss these requirements!