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Langchain Docs

One of the most popular frameworks for developing AI applications

0x Docs

0x offers the core building blocks to create the most powerful Web3 apps


Self-serve analytics tool that helps you answer the deeper questions you have about your data

Llama Index

A central interface to connect your LLM’s with external data.


K8s management uniquely built for scale. Manage the lifecycle of any type of cluster.

Code GPT

With over 450,000 installs, CodeGPT brings AI inside your code editor.

And many more...

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Ready to use components

Mendable delivers an various chat-based search components, designed for seamless integration. Choose from our existing React components or utilize our API to create customized solutions.

  • Search Bar
  • Chat Button
  • Docusaurus Integration
  • API
import { MendableSearch } from '@mendable/search'
<MendableSearchBar anon_key={MENDABLE_ANON_KEY} />
curl -X POST
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d '{
"api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY",
"question": "How do I create a new project?",
"history": [],
"conversation_id": 12345,

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Understand what your users are asking about.


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Docs Reimagined

Empower developers to get the information they need, when they need it. We take your docs, community messages, and support questions to provide customized answers for every query.

Continuous improvements

With our intuitive thumbs up and down rating system and the ability for admins to edit answers, Mendable's search functionality continually learns and improves.

Integrates Everywhere

Mendable offers a chat powered search bar, floating button, and API that you can add anywhere in your docs, website or product.

Resources Condensed

Mendable’s generations are based on all your data sources, condensed into one powerful answer.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask,reach out to us.

    • Is it free?

      It is for certain Open source projects. Contact us to see if your project is eligible. If you're not open source, we have fixed and usage based pricing depending on your preference. Please contact us to learn more.

    • Do you train your AI model with my code?

      Currently, Mendable does not look at any of your repository's code. However, in the future we may add it. We will always give you the option to opt out of sharing your data.

    • Is it 100% accurate?

      Like Humans, AI will never be 100% accurate. So we can't assure you that every solution will be correct.

    • How do I cancel my subscription?

      Simply log into our platform, go to your account and click on "Open customer portal" button. There you will be able to cancel/modify it through Stripe.

    • How does Mendable work?

      Our application syncs with your documentation and support channels, then uses your docs and previously answered questions to suggest possible answers.

    • Are you open-source?

      Currently, we're closed source. However, we're strongly considering moving towards an open-source model. If you have input here, please message us