Why have a technical AI copilot for Customer Success?

Mendable’s AI copilot provides specific knowledge to increase upsells, reduce churn, and reduce reliance on technical teams.

Technical knowledge is crucial to understand customer pain, upsell, and solve issues quickly.

Yet finding talented customer success team members with the right technical knowledge is hard. Often impossible. So, it is up to you as the enablement expert to bring your team up to speed. You probably know, that this is no cakewalk.

Customers not getting right answers when they need it most
CS team members are not able to upsell due to lack of technical knowledge
Technical team members spend a ton of time answering repetitive questions

In years past, your only options for this were
content, training, and courses. But the issue is...

70% of content goes unused - 80% of training is forgotten

There is a barrier to entry to even the most engaging technical content.

Static content

Waste CS team time with needed training
Missing key skill gaps for others
Foundational concepts are easily forgotten

All while making it difficult to measure the impact
But not anymore...

Introducing Mendable.ai for Sales

Mendable is a AI assistant that answers practical questions with AI

Mendable is trained on your data and can instantly answer any question your customers have, boosting user self-reliance, slashing support inquiries and expenses.

Mendables assistant is


Mendable ingests content from wherever you have business knowledge, whether it be technical documentation, customer data in salesforce, and even external sources like news and the web


Mendables isnt a static content, its an interactive AI assistant and coach that reps can have a conversation with. Think of it like that knowlegeable SE that never sleeps


Every interaction powers intelligent insights you won’t believe are possible - helping you identify content blindspots and prove value to stakeholders

Calculate Savings

It's time to see the concrete value Mendable can bring to your Sales & Customer Success teams

Sales team size: 250Success & Support team size: 250Monthly Technical Queries Per User: 10Average Support Engineer Hourly rate: $75Current Research & Resolve time:  20 minutes
$1,125,000saved per yearReallocate 15,000 hours, the equivalant of 7 Support Engineers' worth of time *Assuming 75% adoption, 3,750 queries per month (10 per active user), 20 minutes to resolve, and a support engineer making $75 an hour.

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