January 24th, 2024

Nicolas Camara imageNicolas Camara

Launching European Data Storage powered by MongoDB

Mendable users can now choose to store their data in Europe

Launching European Data Storage powered by MongoDB image

A major request from many of our enterprise customers has been the option for data storage in Europe. Although our existing Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with our current provider met the needs of many customers, the location of our data storage led to some potential clients choosing to wait until we had European storage.

Today, we are super excited to be launching a European Data Center powered by MongoDB. Users are now able to select on the onboarding where they would like their data to be stored. If you are an existing customer and need help migrating your data, please reach out to help@mendable.ai.

European Data Storage

To maintain our quality while implementing a new database and data strategies in Europe, we had to completely rebuild and benchmark our new pipeline. This involved not only assessing our new European RAG pipeline, powered by Atlas Vector Search, but also adapting our repositories to accommodate both data strategies. Despite the challenges, this proved to be a highly beneficial design decision. For more insight, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post by our Full Stack Developer, Rafael Miller, who spearheaded this effort. He’ll discuss how we leveraged the Clean Architecture and Repository pattern to achieve this.

All in all, Mendable is now proudly using Supabase and MongoDB in tandem to build the best AI Chat solutions for customers, happy building!