December 1st, 2023

Eric Ciarla imageEric Ciarla November Update

Exciting Updates to Kickoff the Holiday Season November Update image

We are hoping everyone had a nice and productive November. Here is what the Mendable team has been up to:

Product Updates:

  • Auto syncing data sources: For data from websites and select OAuth sources we automatically update content daily.
  • Chat insights feature (Beta): Our new insights beta feature allows you to see the most common topics of your chat data.
  • Smart Project Router (Alpha): This new feature allows the AI to choose between multiple Mendable projects when responding to a query, leading to more accurate answers and better customizability. Currently in alpha testing and invite-only.
  • Dashboard Copilot Actions: Manage projects using LUI (Add sources, Analyze data, Etc).
  • Official Slack app: Quickly test and share projects where your team already works. Just click the “Add to Slack” button on the dashboard

New Data Sources:

  • Google Drive Data Connector: We now support Google Drive files for our easiest ingestion method yet. And the best part is that it auto-syncs every day!
  • Github private repo support: We now support private Github repo ingestion.

General Updates:

  • The team got to present Mendable at SnapAR’s Lens Fest. Thank you to Snap for the opportunity
  • We are now live on the AutoGPT docs:

That is all for us this month! Catch you next month 🚀