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Why use Mendable for customer support?

Mendable is the easiest way to reduce customer support volume. Our AI is trained on your data and can instantly answer any questions your customers have.

Key Benefits

Faster Ticket Resolution

Streamline support, reduce overheads, and save on operational costs.

Fewer Tickets Incoming

Minimize agent workload, ensuring optimal resource allocation and boosting ROI.

Reduced Churn Rate

Retain more customers, translating to steady revenue and long-term growth

More than just a chatbot

Tools and Actions

Give your AI access to tools for augmentation and actions for automation. Integrate with any API

Supercharge your business

Mendable's AI ensures your business save on operational costs, driving down your support ticket volume and increasing customer satisfaction.

Answers from multiple data sources

Ingest data through a simple online GUI and through our API. You can easily add, modify, or delete different types of sources.

Interchangable models (GPT 4, Claude-2 +)

Customize the AI based on your company's needs. Add your own voice, tone and personality.

Deploy everywhere - in multiple languages

Mendable AI supports multiple langugages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese and 15+ more.

Implement quickly

Get up and running in minutes with our easy to use React components and API.

Enhance User Satisfaction

Drive brand loyaly, encouraging repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

SSO, BYOK, White Label

Mendable is built with enterprise in mind. We offer SSO, BYOK, and other enterprise features.

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